Get A Free Site Assessment

If you are interested in benefitting from a SmartStorage® demand management system at your own facility, we need some information from you. A qualified Sharp ally will contact you to fully evaluate your site needs and evaluate the potential performance and savings for a SmartStorage® system at your facility (with or without PV). Our channel ally will utilize Energy Toolbase™ to rapidly generate a proposal for you, allowing you to quickly understand your expected demand savings.

1. Tell Us About Your Usage
Fill out the form and tell us where your facility is located, describe your facility, and provide the name of your electric utility provider along with your contact information. Either Sharp or a qualified SmartStorage® ally will then reach out to you to gather more information about your electric usage.

2. Estimate Savings and Schedule a Site Visit 
Sharp uses Energy Toolbase™ to generate highly accurate and comprehensive proposals which include simulated kW demand reduction savings, financing, and applicable incentives. Once the cost/savings of a SmartStorage® system and/or solar for your building has been determined, Sharp's ally will contact you to share the cost savings and schedule a site visit.

3. Review Your Custom Plan
During the site visit, Sharp's SmartStorage® project ally will present you with your custom-designed energy plan including turnkey installation and potential financing options all worked out.

4. Start Saving
Sharp's SmartStorage® energy storage solution may be the answer to your expensive utility bills. Fill out the form on this page to get started!